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As our country tries to make it’s way out of the worst economic time in nearly a century,  we tend to get lost in a sea of conflicting information.  We are told creating jobs is complicated, and globalization is great for America.   Yet Americans in every sector of business look around in bewilderment wondering where their jobs are and when they can get paid a wage which will allow them to simply survive and pay their bills.  For these folks, they do not want to hear excuses, they want to hear ideas.

The United States has the largest economy in the world,  at over $14.5 Trillion, yet we send much of our wealth overseas as we buy foreign goods and often times foreign services.  These goods are hard to resist;  they are cheap, they fulfill the purpose, and in tough economic times it is hard to justify spending more on goods produced here in the US… that is if they are even available in the first place!!!  The good news is, you would be surprised by how much American Products we can buy in America… from Americans.

Buy Local Food, Wine, and Even Absinthe!

As the summer nears the end we become aware of just how bountiful the United States is.  Our Farmer’s Markets swell with an abundance of the freshest organically grown food from the surrounding towns.  Supporting local farmers allows them to reinvest in growing more food, hiring more people, and giving the community healthier choices over imported or conventionally grown food which uses pesticides and fertilizers which damage our environment,  and worst of  all, these huge farms employ very few when compared to their organic cousins.

You do not have to like vegetables to help support your local farmers.  Buying grass-fed beef, goats, and even ostrich from local ranchers will go along way to help putting Americans back to work.  America’s wine regions are fast becoming leaders in the world for quality.  Washington State alone has over 600 wineries.  And believe it or not, they even have an Absinthe distillery… who would have thought???

Support Local Business That Support Local Business!

If you have a choice between a local business that uses foreign goods and services over a local business who purchases local goods and local services, which would you choose?  It is a no-brainer!  However, if the price is 33% higher then you have some decisions to make.  While it may be easier and more economic to support the local business with the foreign goods, the total cost of that purchase is not as apparent.  Purchasing foreign products causes unemployment to rise which reduces the taxes we collect, increases our costs due to unemployment benefits, which come directly out of the taxes we are supposed to use pay down our countries skyrocketing deficits.

Our point is you will be very surprised by what you can actually buy in America.  If all Americans can commit to buying one more American product a week, instead of a foreign product, we can help get our country back on the right path.

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admin August 22, 2010 at 8:21 am

Harley’s Eye Photography

Provides commercial photography services including food photography, product photography, real estate and architectural photography, and other services.

Address: 2562 Thorndyke Ave W. 403 Seattle, WA 98199
Telephone Number: 480-215-2011
Website Information:

Salty Lass August 22, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Secret Stash Sea Salts

Specializes in hand-crafted artisan flavored salts to accentuate food and beverage. Infusions include: chorizo, almond cardamom, nicoise olive, vanilla, smoked chipotle, bloody mary, coconut garam masala, truffle, and lavender rosemary salt.
Seattle, WA

admin August 22, 2010 at 6:45 pm

Mary E. Small, LCSW
Counseling services Adults, Children, and Families
Accepting most insurances
176 Livermore Falls Rd. Farmington, ME
207-491-0688 (cellular)

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